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Toronto Family Photography & Portrait Sessions

Precious moments on display - give your kids a reason to smile

Getting all kids in the same photo - with you in it - sounds impossible?

Of course, it does! Family photo shoots can be stressful even in the comfort of your own home. Running around after a toddler who won’t sit still, skipped a nap, or decided not to cooperate is frustrating when you are on a clock. Getting your teen to “smile with your teeth” is like pulling teeth. And dragging your partner to participate against his will is...well you know how it is.

Breathe. I got you.

Think of me as more than just your photographer, but as a friend, special event organizer, and creative problem solver. I take the headache out of planning a photoshoot with attention to the smallest detail - down to what goes with what, how to get a real smile out of your kids, and what time of the day we’ll get the best, most flattering light. I am a meticulous planner - so that you can enjoy every minute of your shoot and allow me to capture your family’s genuine, candid moments.

Veronica Kucherov, Vongue Art Photography

Hey, I’m Veronica. A family photographer in Toronto - bringing a little zen and a lot of fun into each photo session.

The thing I love the most is creating a truly memorable and joyful experience for the families I photograph. I love capturing real moments filled with genuine laughs, natural interactions, and raw emotions. My vibe is laid back, fun, and relaxing. I’ve got a knack for making fast friends with toddlers and putting parents at ease to take in the moment and enjoy the process.

I promise to create photos so beautiful you’ll want to share them with others, and I’ll want to show them off in my portfolio - but only if you feel good about it.


Your privacy is my priority.


Seriously, Veronica, thank you so much for everything again! I can’t get over the beauty you captured in our crazy family! I hope we can work together again soon because you are so beyond talented! Really, I am speechless!

 Christina, Toronto

Documenting family life with all of its beautiful quirks


Remember the wall gallery you’ve always wanted but never got to?

Now is the time. Because photos are meant to be printed, displayed, and looked at - every single day. Because every time your children walk by a gallery wall or flip through a photo album - something magical happens. Seeing themselves among family and friends tells them they belong, they are valued, accepted, and loved.