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Toronto Professional Headshots & Personal Brand Sessions

Make an incredible first impression

Ron and his wife Shirlee are both licensed wedding officiants at Perpetual Rhythms providing personalized & inclusive ceremonies, DJ services, event planning, dance floor lighting and more. 

Kaylyn is an Enneagram coach and the founder of 9Points offering coaching, team development and typing services.

Carole Filion is a Personal & Professional Development Coach and a Certified Vision Board Trainer. Carole is dedicated to working with the "bookend generations" - baby boomers and millennials who are at pivotal points in their lives. She assists them in uncovering their unique strengths and capabilities and empowering them to design their future chapters intentionally.

Hilda Gan - RN, MHSc, CHRL, is the President and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting. Her mission is to help people recognize and optimize their relationships by treating themselves and others with Respect and Equality, making them feel Valued, identifying their Uniqueness and tapping into their Potential.

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