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Cynthia: Aging Backwards!

40 Over 40 Movement: Cynthia, 40

Cynthia made my job so easy. Strikingly beautiful and completely trusting the process, she went in with open mind and heart, shining as bright in her photos as she does in life.

Cynthia came to Canada with her father from the Philippines over 20 years ago. She recently turned 40 and it was a cause for celebration. She feels as attractive, as happy, and as free as ever. “I feel like I age backwards!”

Restrained by the pandemic, for her 40th milestone Cynthia decorated her home, dressed up, and enjoyed a nice dinner with family documenting the special day with a low-key photoshoot.

Cynthia married early. Between home, work and family, she spent her younger years making her way in Canada and raising her daughter. Her divorce became a major turning point. After ending her long-term relationship, Cynthia quit her stressful job, rediscovered herself, and got the freedom and opportunity to relive her 20s. Her daughter is now 17, and the sky is the limit: Cynthia goes out late at night, travels, and does things she has never done before. She checked a trip to Paris off her bucket list, but the list just keeps growing. She’s using this time in her life to catch up on all the things she didn’t have a chance to experience when she was younger. She is also in a new relationship that feels very different now that she knows herself and her boundaries better.

Over the years, Cynthia became more selective about the people around her. Now she spends time with her inner circle and she doesn’t need company to do something that she likes. She used to work overtime to escape troubles at home, and now, she has learned to take breaks and enjoy her own time. Feeling alive and having her family are the biggest motivators for Cynthia to get up in the morning.

Cynthia would tell her younger self to have courage and be more confident.

Appearance doesn’t matter to Cynthia as much as the willingness of people to spend time with her. After all, time is the one precious thing that we have.

“Women in their 40s have more experience; they know how to carry themselves. It’s all about how you feel about yourself, how you move, and how you see things.”

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