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Why print photos and what it does to our kids, family, and well-being

With thousands of photos we capture on our smartphones, how often do we actually look back at the photos we’ve taken? Would you believe it if I told you that most of us only revisit our digital snapshots once or twice a year, and a fraction of us print photos?

Come to think of it, it does ring true.

Beautiful printed family photos scattered on the table

Generation with the biggest photobank

Every day is a new day with new experiences and new memories to be captured. Every day we deposit new snaps, shots, selfies, and closeups to our image bank. Remember going through your phone to find that one funny photo to show to your friend?

“Hold on, it’s somewhere here. Nope, not this… One sec.”

It’s hard work sifting through countless videos of your dog sliding across the slippery hardwood floors or your toddler strutting around in a taupe tutu. Try scrolling through way too many retakes of your good-looking breakfast smoothie or an Instagram-worthy Açaí Bowl recreation. Not to mention the TikTok’s gone-viral baked feta pasta that you made last night for dinner, recorded the entire process, and proudly shared with your social media tribe.

Don’t worry, foodie. We all do it. ALL. THE. TIME.

Yes, we are, most definitely, the most photographed generation that documents everything and anything. We do it to hold on to precious memories in hopes to revisit them over and over again.

Only we rarely do.

Folio photo box with matted prints showcasing family photography by Vongue Art