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5 Reasons to Have a Photo Session at Home

Toronto’s fall season was like a bad movie: nothing happened for an hour and a half, and then all the action was crammed in the last 15 minutes. Now, the season for (comfortable) outdoor shoots has passed – which gives us all the more reason for cuddly and cozy in-home photo sessions! But, cold weather is not the only reason to have a photo shoot at home. Here are a few more to consider:

1. Your home is your comfort zone

In-home sessions tend to be more casual and informal compared to an on-location session. When everyone feels at ease, it leads to a greater sense of intimacy and organic connection between people. This makes amazingly authentic portraits.

Further, you will never risk having an audience during an at-home photo session. For some people, this allows them to open up, act natural, and have fun. This helps your photographer capture the connection, love, and quirks unique to you or your family. Bonus: having your family session at home usually shortens the warm-up period for everyone – leading to a wider selection of natural and relaxed photos to choose from.

If you have children, it’s important to remember that some will have a much easier time engaging with their family and a stranger (the photographer) at home. Babies, easily-overstimulated kids, infants, and shy or stubborn little ones… the list goes on. In my photos, I want to show your family connecting. I want to highlight moments when you are truly focused on each other, on loving, and on being your silly selves. Photographing you in your home can help accomplish that.

2. Your home is the essence of your story

Is there a better place to document the love between people than a location that truly defines them? Your home is decorated in your favorite colors and full of personal touches. It has photos from your recent vacation and evidence of your favorite pastimes. For example, that old record player or the cookbook with a stain from being used a few too many times make for great photo touches. It could even be your fur-baby! Your home is a place you built with your loved ones and is the best setting to help tell the visual story of you.

Plus, pictures taken at home will always instantly transport you back to that time. The photos I have of myself and my parents at home 20 years ago always amaze me, and I cannot get enough of the little details surrounding us. Your home naturally sets the tone for documentary and lifestyle type photography, which is the perfect way to preserve your family history.