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Personal Branding Photography in Toronto

Does your visual brand send the right message to your dream clients?

If not, let’s create amazing personal brand photos that reflect the very soul of your brand!

(and don’t worry, I’ll guide you throughout the entire process)

You already know that a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile is a must-have. But to win the hearts and trust of your dream clients - let the people get to know you. The real you. Personal brand photography captures your essence and injects it into your brand! Photos that show you in your element tell a powerful story. A story that humanizes you and connects you to your prospects and clients.

But what exactly is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is how you convey your personality, experience, and expertise to your audience as a business. It’s what you put out there for the world to see - all the stories, marketing messages, visions, goals, images, and your overall vibe.

Psst... I’ll let you in on a little secret - you already have a personal brand. You just need to step into it and own it. As a professional branding photographer, I can help.


Tons of business owners do exactly what you do, and sell exactly what you sell.

Your personal brand is what makes you different.


What does your visual brand say about you?

  • Does it make a killer first impression? 

  • Does it make you show up confidently like a pro? 

  • Does it land you dream clients because they feel you get them? 

Personal brand photography unveils the human side of your brand that your audience can’t wait to discover. It connects you to your dream clients through genuine, real, raw, and authentic imagery.

Hey, I’m Veronica. A personal branding photographer in Toronto, bringing out the most authentic, genuine YOU in your business portraits.

As an entrepreneur with a strong visual background, I see you on the relentless quest of growing your “know, like, and trust factor.” I’ve been there myself. And I want to help you get there, too.

Think of me as your brand confidant as we’ll dive deep into each area of your business needs, your essence, your brand personality and style. With me as your branding expert, stylist, photographer, and personal advisor - all in one - you’ll experience a truly tailored photo session that’ll help you embrace all that you are and gain clarity on your visual brand.


Why trust Vongue Art Photography with your branding photos?

The amount of prep that goes into my shoots will blow your mind. No stone is left unturned when it comes to me learning about your business and coming up with creative ways, angles, and narratives to highlight your story.  

The result:


You'll get a digital bank of scroll-stopping, share-worthy, on-brand images that are playful, never dull. And I’ll show you exactly where and how to use them.


Thank you Veronica for the AMAZING pictures!!! I confess that I was very nervous and not looking forward to the photo shoot at all! But you made the whole process very easy and fun (like you told me it would be). You clearly love what you do and you are an amazing photographer. You took the time to understand who I am and what I was looking for, I really appreciate that. I can’t wait for the next one!

 Melissa Pancini,

National Director at Metabolic Balance Canada

How do you know you’re ready to invest in personal branding photos?

You’re serious about growing your business - a.k.a. you’ve got goals and strategies, not just dreams.

You want to have a say in how your clients perceive your personal brand.

You stand out from the crowd but need your brand to articulate your differentiator.

You’ve got a big personality but not sure how to inject it into your business.

You have a vision and a story to share but need creative direction on how to show it to the world.

You are your brand. And you are worth the investment in yourself.

Featured session 

Check out my photoshoot with this savvy entrepreneur leading a Canadian-based black-owned pyjama company to represent and empower black children.



Absolutely amazing photographer! Veronica was super easy to work with and I felt comfortable around her. All the pics we took were amazing and low-key, and I'm usually not photogenic. Would recommend 100000%!

 Deborah Vassel,

Founder of Indy Mindy Inc.