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Client Feature: Indy Mindy - Children’s Clothing - Branding Photography That Tells A Story

Being invested in Indy Mindy Inc. on a deeper level than just this photoshoot makes this project very special to me. When Dee and I first connected, she was developing her children’s clothing line, and she was looking for an artist to illustrate the characters for her pyjama pieces. As a seasoned and versatile graphic designer, I have worked alongside every possible industry, and for most companies, big or small, competition is tough. After getting to know Dee and her business, I was amazed to realize that Indy Mindy filled a real market gap. Working on illustrations for such unique and much-needed products was a great joy for me. Therefore, when Dee approached me for her branding photos, I was more than excited to plan the shoot and dive in deep into what she wanted to say with her images.

Meet Deborah Vassell – the founder of Indy Mindy!

“One thing I know about myself is that I work hard, especially for something that I really want, or really believe in. I see the best in people, and I honestly really, really love them. I am a people person, and a crazy extrovert. I say the first thing that comes to mind, and usually, that thought is complimenting someone else. I am definitely very approachable, so feel free to reach out, even if only to say hi!”

– Deborah Vassell, Indy Mindy founder

What is Indy Mindy?

“Indy Mindy is a Canadian-based black-owned pyjama clothing company whose goal is to represent and empower black children. Unfortunately, black people are often underrepresented in the media. Indy Mindy aims to show black children in a different light: that they can be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do. The goal of Indy Mindy is to show that black, in fact, is beautiful.”

– Deborah Vassell, Indy Mindy founder

What is unique about Indy Mindy and why did you start it?

“EVERYTHING! I can’t think of any other company whose main aim is to empower, encourage and represent bl