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Celebrating life, career, and friendship through 40 Over 40 portraits

40 Over 40 | Meet Wanda, 59 – community fundraiser, entrepreneur, and grandmother

Wanda’s story starts with her grandmother, a hairstylist. At 18, Wanda followed her steps. She says it’s been hard but rewarding to own a salon.

In the past, Wanda faced tragedy when her niece lost her life. “This horrific event made me reclaim my power and give to others. I held many cut-a-thons, raising $15,000 for a women’s shelter. These events honoured my niece and helped stop the silence surrounding domestic violence.”

Her niece’s death taught Wanda to really live. “I’ve spent my life doing things she never had the chance to do like going to the ballet, having a photoshoot, and making the most of every birthday.”

Divorced twice and now married for the third time, life challenges made Wanda stronger. “My son recently told me I made him who he is and he’s proud of my hard work.”

With age, Wanda’s idea of what defines beauty changed. “It’s not what's on the outside; it's what you bring out from the inside. It is humour and warmth where someone is naturally who they are.”

She’s looking forward to stepping away from her business and retiring. “It will be a big change since I’ve always worked and never been a housewife. I don’t want to become a cleaning lady, but I love gardening. I might work at a garden centre. Most importantly, I’ll sit back and enjoy each moment, spending time with my friends, children, and grandchildren.”

Wanda’s friend of 40 years, Chris, joined this photo shoot as a tribute to their friend Jose. “She was diagnosed with breast cancer and remained the most positive person until the end. Chris and I were with her when she passed. Many people fear being with someone at the end but it is the best gift someone can give.”

Wanda believes the best is yet to come. “I’m embracing every bit of my current age. I’ve never felt more confident than now.”

40 over 40 portraits: best friends photo shoot


40 Over 40 is a movement to help women in their 40s and up embrace their age with confidence, style, and a positive outlook on life. We can continue to thrive, and look and feel great well into our 40s and FAR beyond. It's a mindset that encourages self-care, self-expression, and the pursuit of personal goals and passions.

It’s time to start a conversation about the beauty of aging, change the way the world and media define it, and to embrace the freedom and confidence about finally being comfortable in our own skin.

Would you like to experience this for yourself? Click here to apply!

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