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Emmy: Portraits for business and personal history in Toronto

40 Over 40 Movement: Emmy, 47

“‘Attractive’ is ‘genuine’. It’s who you really are and what shines through - not how polished you are, or how flat your stomach is. If you can see someone’s energy, their inner glow, it’s what makes them beautiful.”

Emmy is a mom of three, an entrepreneur, founder of Trinity Transformations, teacher, and all-around life-lover. Every morning she wakes up determined to be a better version of herself, always growing, and always moving forward.

This is the time in her life when Emmy feels more confident than ever before. She works on herself. As she grows - so does her confidence. Almost everyone says that time speeds up as they age, but for Emmy, at this stage of life, time can be whatever she chooses to make of it. “There’s enough time, and everything happens exactly when it should.”

over the decades. Emmy’s current goal is to empower millions of people: something that the younger version of herself would never dare to dream of. “What we do has a ripple effect, and we don’t have to touch people’s lives individually. Just by being the amazing person that you are and sharing yourself with the world, you are able to make a change.”

Emmy believes when you take care of yourself and make sure you are being your 100 percent true self is when you can serve the world to the best of your abilities. There comes a point when you don’t care to worry anymore about what everyone else thinks of you.

“I remember waking up on a random day about a year ago and deciding that I want to be wealthy. All my life I’ve lived believing that money is sinful, and it’s somehow bad having too much of it. And so I said: no! I want to be wealthy, and I want to do it through service to people. It helped me step into my power, changed my relationship with money and also the way I show up in the world.”

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