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How to Choose the Best Boudoir Photographer in Toronto

Of all portrait photography genres I specialize in, boudoir is the most intimate, raw and vulnerable experience. You need a knowledgeable photographer who will be gentle with your self-esteem, an expert in everything boudoir.


Read this blog post to understand the key components of a successful boudoir session, and what you can expect from your Toronto Boudoir Photographer.

Someone who cares


Taking great photos is only one part of the job. To bring out your light, you need to trust the photographer to get to know the real you. That's why our process starts way before I even pick up the camera.


I'll guide you through every step so you know exactly how the session will go. I'll hand pick your outfits for you, help you get into them and adjust where needed. You will feel taken care of, because that is what I'm here for.


If your boudoir photographer is an expert in posing, lighting, and getting you to relax, it will show in your gallery. That’s how you get the radiant, comfortable and confident version of yourself.


If you ever had an experience with a photographer who stays completely silent during your shoot, you k now how uncomfortable that might feel. I joke that a part of my job is to be a clown – and I take it seriously. I'll talk to you, goof around, shut up when needed and do whatever it takes to help you unwind and raise confidence.


Speaking of raising confidence - you don’t want to spend your shoot wondering, are any of these photos even good? That’s why I’ll show you the back of my camera during the session, so you KNOW with each new pose, you've already SLAYED the last one - and you know leaving the shoot, there's tons of images you already love.


Professional hair & makeup


Yes, you look incredible as you are! However, worrying about doing your own hair and makeup before your shoot, or feeling unsure in your own skills does not help with confidence on camera. Professional hair and makeup are non-negotiable for all portrait sessions, and that's why it is included complimentary in every session.


After an hour in the make up chair, getting pampered by a professional, top-quality artist you'll loosen up, laugh and ease into the session feeling like your best self. This is a crucial part of the experience, and our artists are versatile in giving you any look you need - from a bold, drastic look to a natural soft glam for those who prefer little to no makeup.


Let us take care of everything, so you can just relax, and show up to be pampered!

Beautiful woman 40+ boudoir photo session Toronto


Expert Posing


Have you ever thought, "I don't know what to do with my hands, let alone looking sexy for a boudoir photo?"


With me, you will know exactly what to do at all times. It's not your job to come up with the poses, and no one knows what to do until they walk into my studio with an open mind, and let the expert take care of everything.


Guided posing to flatter any and every body type includes showing you the pose first. I'll show you what we're aiming for to get your consent to try it before I guide you into the pose itself from your toes to nose, and even your breath.


Not all poses are comfortable (to say the least), and some can be physically taxing - particularly on the lower back, calves and shoulders. I'm mindful of everyone's unique body types and limitations, and we'll never do anything that is uncomfortable to the point of pain. Stretching before and after your boudoir photoshoot is always a good idea!

studio boudoir portrait full height of a philipino woman Toronto


Experience with Boudoir Studio Lighting


Your intimate boudoir photographer needs to know how to highlight your curves.


Professional light can create so much character - drama or lightness? - it can create mood and attitude, bringing out your true self. Studio session experience is vastly different than shooting outdoors during a golden hour. Lighting setups depend entirely on what we want to achieve, and it will impact how you see yourself, and how your images turn out.


Don’t let any of the technical details bother you. It’s totally okay if you’re not sure what you want. By the time you get to the studio, your photographer will have plenty of ideas of how to set up the lighting to create the style and the look you’ll love.


Guided Selection


It’s true that we’ll take A LOT of images. It’s also totally normal that you will like some of them more than others. Selecting the best of the best images is a tough job, and I won’t leave you with that homework on your own.


The Selection & Ordering Session is the most exciting part of the experience, and it happens in person, in the studio, right after your session. We will review all your beautiful images so you can get the instant confidence boost and an immediate confirmation that you rocked your session!


Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry... all feelings are welcome in this safe space.


I'll help you choose when you are unsure, share my artistic perspective, show you my favourites, and help you craft the best selection possible.


Expert in Print Design & Retouching


Once you pick your favourites, they will be sent to my skilled retoucher with any notes and wishes you might have.


Extensive detail work goes into the retouching process - bruise/blemish removal, skin softening, eye and hair brightening, curve and highlight enhancement, and sometimes more!


Significantly altering the body or removing permanent marks is never included by default, as this goes against our values of "come as you are" and celebrating YOU - however it is my pleasure to accommodate any special requests that you have.


You beautiful fully edited images will be delivered in a digital gallery, as well as in heirloom quality physical photo products.


Amongst my hand-curated products, my favourites are custom wall art design and premium layflat albums. Photos exist to remember the special moments and relive them over and over again. What we create deserves to remind you every day that you are beautiful, worthy and loved.


Want to know what love looks like in print? Learn more about my products here.


Lifestyle boudoir black and white portrait of a woman in her 50s lying on the bed

In your Toronto Boudoir Experience with Vongue Art Photography, you will find all of this and so much more.


I know how to take care of you. Your true, gorgeous, powerful version of you has always been there, waiting to be seen.


Ready to book your boudoir portrait session? Schedule a free consultation below - I can't wait to get to know you! 


About the author: Veronica Kucherov is the owner of Vongue Art Photography - a full-service portrait studio in Toronto. Veronica's mission is to help everyday women look and feel their best in photos through carefully crafted fully-customized photo sessions. You deserve to have portraits that make you feel beautiful and proud!


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