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My mom, my role model and my best friend

40 Over 40 Movement: Alla, 57

When I made it my mission to help women over 40 love themselves more, I had to do it for my mom. Who deserves more to feel beautiful and be pampered?

She did NOT think she was photogenic. She was skeptical about getting even a couple photos of herself that she would like enough.

Born is Russia, Alla lived through many hardships of turbulent USSR times and currently resides in Israel working as an accountant.

“I am a happy mother seeing my daughter thrive as a successful, creative, and independent person who lives her life to the fullest. Our relationship is based on love, understanding and mutual support.”

The turning point in Alla’s life was deciding to immigrate to Israel. She felt as if everything fell into place after, and every day feels grateful for being there.

At 43, Alla underwent oncological surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. She realized it was up to her to change her life so that the disease did not return. Strange as it sounds, Alla doesn’t regret this experience. She learned a lot. She changed her diet (stopped eating meat, tries to combine products correctly, eats a lot of greens, fruits, and vegetables). Once a week she fasts for 36 hours. Her lifestyle is active – Alla is an avid tennis lover, enjoys long walks and going to the beach that is just a 15-minute walk from her home – everything she had ever dreamed of. But the most important thing for Alla is to love and accept yourself and others.

Alla wishes her younger self had made fewer excuses and tried to do everything without fuss.

“I value everyone’s freedom and personal space. I believe gratitude is the first thing to feel for people and the last thing to expect.”

Having always felt young, Alla, did not escape a midlife crisis at 39. Before this, she saw herself as a “20-something”. Suddenly, her fifth decade was looming. It took over a year to overcome it. Once she did, she celebrated her 36th birthday for many years.

Now Alla doesn’t think about age because it does not represent how she feels about herself.

“This photo session brought me great joy. I am very happy I had such an extraordinary experience that is now with me forever. These wonderful photos remind me every day that I am beautiful.”

I am so lucky to be best friends with my mom. I made her life very difficult as a kid, but even when we used to have disagreements, I've always known I'm loved. And this is the most I could ever wish for.


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